As sad as we are that there won't be more races this season, it's hard to be too upset with THREE 1ST PLACE FINISHES! We're looking forward to defending our titles next season. Check back soon to see an updated schedule.


Fireball Run logo

2nd Annual Fireball Run Transcontinental Rally


September 25 - October 4, 2008

    Expected Audience: This race is currently in negotiations for a reality TV show.
    Potential audience: 10’s of millions!
    Expected Attendance: 10,000 over 3500 miles of roads and races. Each leg launched by city leaders in front of national coverage
    Last Years Press Coverage Included: American Driver Magazine – 450,000+ readers and tons of press will be there, including Clear Channel.
    Official Charity Benefactor: Child Rescue Network, uses the rally’s massive media exposure to help locate America’s missing children.
    Last Year’s Sponsors: FedEx Critical and General Motors, Insurance Office of America, Radar busters, Sterns Motor Strategies, HPI, Ultimate Motor Works, American Driver, Atomic Fireball, Festivals of Speed, Gathergate and many, more.

VIR Ultimate Track Car Challenge
and the Ultimate Green Car Challenge


July 2008
VIR Racetrack, Virginia

    Expected Audience: 5,000
    Expected Attendance: 600 participants
    Press Coverage: Grassroots Motorsports
    Sponsors: NASA – National Association of Sport cars America In cooperation with the fine folks over at CarDomain we’re cooking up the Green Car Challenge, an extra event running alongside the Green Car Challenge for electric cars, hybrids, grease cars and other green machines.


Run N Gun


October 7 – 10, 2007
Greater St. Louis Area

    Expected Audience: unknown
    Expected Attendance: unknown