Why should I eat certified Organic?

Do you love your family?
Do you love yourself?
Do you want to be successful in life?


Then it is a necessity that you consume certified organic foods and supplements!

  • The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) published in 1989 (!) its study which concluded that 55 percent of person’s lifetime cancer risk stems from carcinogens ingested before the age of 6!

  • Evidence of this so-called body burden of chemical invaders has also been collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which recently reported on a random survey of thousands of Americans’ blood and urine. The CC findings suggest more than 90 percent of U.S. residents carry a mixture of pesticides and other pollutants in their bodies.

  • This past summer, the Washington, D.C. – based Environmental Working Goup upped the ante: it analyzed the umbilical-cord of 10 newborns. “The babies averaged 200 contaminants in their blood,” the study reports, “including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and the Teflon chemical PFOA.”

  • The World Health organization estimates that over 60% of all deaths from the developed world’s biggest killers, heat disease and cancer, are caused by the food we eat … it really is life and death.


But I can’t eat Certified Organic because it is so expensive - NOT TRUE! CONSIDER THIS:

Conventionally grown foods only appear cheap because their prices don’t reflect the hidden expenses that chemical agriculture will cost YOU in the future with VERY EXPENSIVE DOCTOR BILLS!



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As a mother and a holistic practitioner with a PhD in Natural Health, I would love to recommend to you the following brand names and companies.


Where can I learn about Certified Organic Foods and a Healthy Lifestyle?

Perfect Weightwww.RSBell.com – Each week Robert Scott Bell empowers his listeners with healing principles that can aid in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and yes eve political healing! Robert Scott Bell hosts the fastest three hours of healing information on radio! He deals with everyday health issues from the perspective of alternative/holistic health care!


Perfect Weightwww.herbdoc.com – Dr. Richard Schultze is a true health care Evangelist! His focus has always been to help people heal themselves and stay healthy! He has one vision and one mission, to help the sick and dying heal their disease and build powerful health using Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine.

Perfect Weightwww.natural-immunogenics.com – Their Sovereign Silver is an omnipotent resource in the defense of health, one with which to confront the ever increasing immune challenges threatening man, even the whole of man kind – viruses! This product is the best for immune enhancement and first aid reprieve!


Perfect Weightwww.organixsouth.com – Organic cleansing products for your body. Neem team action for whole body reactions.


Perfect Weightwww.foytech.com – Fountain Of Youth Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to creating natural products to improve quality of life and to restore natural balance. Our industry leading research team, personally selected by Dr. Charles Mesko, is a brilliant, talented, and dedicated group of research scientists and industry leading natural doctors possessing an amazing wealth of knowledge, experience and insight.



Perfect Weightwww.perfectweightamerica.com – Jordan Rubin’s Perfect Weight America is built upon the idea that everyone has a perfect weight. That weight may not be the number you see on your bathroom scale, and it may not be the same weight as your sister or best friend. Instead, there’s a perfect-sized YOU just waiting to be discovered, and the Perfect Weight America program will help you get there.




Natural Products Association
Harmony Cone Site Link
Eat Well Guide Link



www.ladymoonfarms.com – Lady Moon Farms is the larges certified organic vegetable farm on the East Coast! They have year round availability! Quality is a !top priority: the best appearance and flavor, standard industry packs, brand labeling and TASTE! Ask for Lady Moon produce at your local health food store and grocery store!


Great Healthy Treats and Meals:

Perfect Weightwww.cedarlanefoods.com – Simply the best. Today’s busy lifestyles don’t always afford us the time to prepare wholesome home cooked meals. Cedarlane Natural Foods offers an easy solution with a wide variety of great tasting, quick to prepare, all natural frozen foods. Choose from a variety of vegetarian frozen foods, including delicious organic, Carb Buster and low fat entrees, appetizers, burritos, wraps and specialty breads! Yummy!

www.edenfoods.com – Has grown tremendously by supporting and promoting organic farms and offering pure food that nurtures health and happiness. They offer rice and beans, apple sauces, soy, fruit and juices, oils and vinegars, past and quinoa, snack foods, supplements and concentrate, tomatoes and sauerkraut, condiments and sweeteners and artesian spring water.

Great Chocolate and Snacks:

Perfect Weightwww.bettylousinc.com – Fantastic fruit bars, delicious organic patties, and phenomenal organic vegan bars! Just when it seemed we reached the peak, Betty Lou's Inc is taking the world of nutritional snacking to a delicious new level.

www.greenandblacks.com – chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Yummy! At Green & Black's our aim is to create great tasting chocolate. We believe that every step from bean to bar is equally important - whether it's using the finest organically grown cocoa beans or taking that extra time and care to bring out the intense flavour that has become our trademark.


Dairy product and meats:

www.natural-by-nature.com GRASS FEED ORGANIC MILK.... You will not even begin to believe how good this milk is.... I could write a paragraph alone just about their milk not to mention all of their other Dairy
products. Try one glass and you will never go back to Mass Dairy !

www.organicvalley.com – The earth’s most healthful foods are made when farmers work in harmony with nature. That is how this farmer owned co-op produces organic milk, organic cheese, organic butter, organic eggs, organic juice, organic soy beverages, organic produce and organic meats!

www.whiteoakpastures.com – GRASS FED BEEF AT ITS FINEST! Now being sold at your local Publix Shopping Center! You will never have a CVD ever if you switch to grass fed beef.

Great tasting drinks:

Perfect Weightwww.steaz.com – A new category in the soft drink world is born – Tea Soda! Please check out their WHY ORGANIC? page.

www.guayaki.com – Yerba mate TEA! Great for energy and health! Everyone and our friends drink the chocolate tea all day long! It is wonderful! And there are no side effects like caffeine has! Guayaki goes beyond organic to embrace sustainability, fair trade and conservation in every energizing cup they make!

www.blueskysoda.com – so you like sodas? Blue Sky offers tantalizing sodas without preservatives, additives, artificial colors, flavors and caffeine. They have traditional sodas, energy sodas, and ginseng sodas! Get your kids and loved ones off of those sugar laden, carbonated drinks and get them off of ridalin!

www.choiceorganicteas.com – Choice Organic Teas speaks to a passion for the earth as well as a compassion for the people who inhabit it! If you drink tea, here is your favorite website!

www.vitaminwater.com – After drinking the many flavors of vitamin water, you will never have an excuse not to drink water! Drink Water!!!!!

Salad Dressings and condiments:

www.anniesnaturals.com – Great organic salad dressings and marinades! Great for those certified organic salads and marinades!

Bread and Chips and Cereals:

www.naturespath.com – Great cereals, bars, snack foods, waffles, breads, pasta, baking mixes, etc. Now there is no excuse to NOT eat certified organic!

www.kettlefoods.com – the BEST CHIPS in the WORLD! They had a vision … and a van – a vision to fuse the natural with the savory, to create a great tasting, wholesome product for everyone. And a beat up van that would later be known as the original Kettle Foods delivery truck! ….

www.foodforlife.com – Food for Life Baking Company is a family owned and operated specialty bakery with a passionate commitment to natural foods. They offer something for every taste: Breads, Buns, Rolls, English Muffins, Pita Breads, Bran Muffins, Cereals and Pasta!

www.rudisbakery.com – I LOVE THEIR BREAD! For the special occasions that we eat grains, we love Rudis! It is the perfect compliment to your hamburgers and hotdogs (grass fed, of course!)…

www.frenchmeadow.com – conquering the frontier with alternative grains and fighting the government, French Meadow Bakery deserves a medal! Anyone with candida or grain intolerances will love French Meadow Bakery!

Cleaning Products

Perfect Weightwww.tkoorange.com - From cleaning Race Cars to cleaning your pets Orange TKO is the best I have ever used. Orange TKO is a citrus cleaner/ degreaser made from the peel of the orange. It is an emulsifier which contains no synthetic chemicals, petroleum distillates, or detergents. It is also 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

Pesticide sprays

www.buzzoff.us - The Natural Cure for a Natural Nuisance! Lewey’s Eco Blends insect Repellant has been proven to be as effective as DEET! Test show buzz of to be 95% effective up to 4 hours – WITHOUT THE HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS OF ALL THE OTHER BUG REPELLANTS!


www.yogaonline.com - This site currently under construction.

Soy products

www.pmo.com/wildwood - Wildwood is famous for producing the best tasting, freshest organic tofu, vegetarian products, and soy milk you can buy! SPECIAL NOTE: When buying soy products, it is imperative to ONLY purchase CERTIFIED ORGANIC SOY. If you do not buy CERTIFIED ORGANIC SOY, then you will be purchasing and consuming genetically modified foods!


Perfect Weightwww.soleousa.com – Soleo Organic All Natural Sunscreen is an organically produced all-natural skin care solution that is safe for humans and the environment. Designed as a consumer friendly and safe alternative to synthetic based suncreens, Soleo has been innovatively formulated to Naturopathic principles without the use of any chemical UV absorbers, titanium oxide, or synthetic preservatives.


www.bonterra.com - only the best will do! Wines Made From 100% Organically Grown Grapes Organic grape growing is the hallmark and foundation of Bonterra Vineyards. Our philosophy is evidenced by our innovative viticulture practices that respect the land and help us express the natural flavor in our wines. We offer several white wines that reflect the natural approach that we take in creating Bonterra Wines.

Where can I find Certified Organic Products?

Natural Products Association
Harmony Cone Site Link
Eat Well Guide Link



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