Comparison Chart


*on sticky tires. Green depicts preferred numbers.
each is an absolute thrill in its own right. But this is about racing, not who
has the most comfortable seat or nicer sound system.


The gloves come off, as they say,
the BS stops when the green flag drops.
This is about who crosses the finish line first.



So lets create a wider scale for measuring our real data that will transfer to
the track when driven correctly.
Stretching the data out to a scale 0 to 100 will give us better resolution.

Zero being a Scion xB (box) @ 24 lbs per Hp
and 100 being the McLaren F1 (super car) @ 4 lbs per Hp.

Box cost $10,000 minimum bang.
McLaren F1 cost $1,000,000 Maximum Bang.


Pounds Per Horsepower Graph


**The S2K is now under pressure. 9.5 psi supercharger we now have nearly
the same HP to weight ratio as the Mclaren F1. 3.45 lbs-HP.


As you can see expanding the scale brings to light a whole new ball game.

I think I will just let the numbers do the talking. For more info about the
S2K please Contact us.