Car picture
This car was assembled, painted and massaged into life by my
great friend and master car builder:

Loren Edwards

(excessive G coach werks)

This little Giant slayer:

  • Will leap from 0 to 100 and back to 0 mph in just over 9 seconds
  • It weighs 1,430 lbs and has 381 hp.

To say it is quick and nimble would be like saying superman was faster than a sling shot and hopped over puddles most of the time....

The first time I drove this car the first words out of mouth were........ Nothing, (I was speechless). I wanted to say WOW WEE... But the words would not come out of my mouth!

This car has the ability to bring the 9 yr old boy in you to the surface in a single bound.

This car is fun, fast and gets 31 mpg in the sun.... Not sure what it gets in the rain but I'm sure we will get the chance to find out this spring at the Cannon Ball Run.

For more info on the car please contact Loren Edwards at [email protected]


The WMC Ultralite S2K


World Class Motorsports


88 in


Engine & Trans



Honda S2000 DOHC VTec, Rotrex Supercharger


HKS VPro,HKS A/F Knock Amp




Hush Power


Honda 6-speed

Rear end

Subaru STI R180 3.90:1