One day, in a galaxy not too far from here, (Texas), two guys that love cars were trying to find a way to convince their wives that having a race car would be a good idea.

That seemed like a hopeless endeavor. But as we all know necessity is the mother of invention. Not that we needed a race car , but it's the same theory.

While munching on an organic salad I commented to my friend how much better the flavor of organic tomatoes were over the mass market tomatoes, I could not understand why anyone would eat anything else?

His enlightening reply was that people must not know about organic food......

As if lighting had jumped out of the clear blue sky and tickled the gray matter between my ears a thought process was born.....

  • Build a race car,
  • build a web site,
  • win the race,
  • get people's attention,
  • they go to the web site,
  • they learn about organic tomatoes....


We have an ingenious plan...

  • The whole world becomes a happier,healthier place,
  • we all live in peace,
  • and we have a race car! (seemed simple enough)

After sharing my infant brain child with him, he looked at me in bewilderment and commented.
"Wow, I think those tomatoes are affecting your brain function, our wives are never going to buy that!"

I admitted it needed a little polishing but in theory .... The corn said it best "build it and they will come" (Field of Dreams) I must admit for the record here, tomatoes do not talk to me..

If you like this story or the Field of Dreams movie or racing or the color of the car or organic tomatoes please visit our sponsors web sites so my friend and I do not have to live in the dog house for the rest of our lives....

Please consider a Healthy, Organic Lifestyle.
When you are 90 you will be glad you did!