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I would like to share with you, right off the bat, words of wisdom from my Great Uncle George (who is my Hero). Uncle George spent nearly a century on this planet. So he had a few things to share.

I asked him one day, how he had maintained such great health all of these years?

He shared two thoughts:

"I get up every morning and stretch and exercise." And "remember how you treat your body when you are younger is how your body will treat you when you are older".

Uncle George @ 85 years young. (on the right)

I became a bit worried at that point. So I decided I should invest a little more time in maintaining what I have been given. (Plus I had a LOT of help from my wonderfully intelligent wife!)

Just like our little green Giant slayer, that we built and maintain with the best supplies we can afford, the same is so very true about our bodies.

Organic products and food combined with exercise will give you a life time of superior performance.

There are many things we can invest our time in, our health is one of the best.

One of my favorite sayings from Uncle George is:
"Do the things that you enjoy as much as you can when you are young enough to do them."

This helps lend justification to having a car to race!

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